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Purchase Order Application

In order to consider P.O. Financing for your firm we will need the completed P.O. Application Form plus:

  1. Purchase order from the buyer with cancellation dates
  2. Your invoice to buyer
  3. Your supplier's invoice
  4. Your purchase order to your supplier
  5. P&L (most recent)
  6. Balance Sheet (most recent)

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Please List Company's 3 Largest Customers You Wish To Factor (Note: Customers will NOT be contacted initially)

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Purchase Order Worksheet
Example Your Transaction
Buyer Purchase Price 75,000
Supplier Cost 45,000
Additional Cost:
Freight 4,000
Duty 2,500
Customs 500
Commissions 4,000
Bank L/C Charge 300
Total Costs: 56,300
Gross Margin: 25%