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Construction Factoring

Construction factoring for companies that are waiting for their receivables to mature is a viable option to consider for getting the funds needed to manage operations. Consider the following scenario:

Your General Contractor is waiting to get paid by the Owner. You are waiting to get paid by the General Contractor or a subcontractor. You need commercial construction Financing now to:

  • Make payroll
  • Pay a supplier to get discounts
  • To start a new job

By factoring construction receivables, you don't have to wait for the usual 60 to 90-day grace period to get paid for the services or goods that you provided for a project. Construction invoice factoring will pay for a portion of the total amount of your receivables upfront, and then you will receive the remaining amount, minus fees, once the receivables have been paid in full.

Are you Eligible for Factoring?

Fill out the form to get a quick response!

J&D Financial can help your firm through our construction factoring program. Over the years, we have provided commercial factoring to contractors and subcontractors. We have supplied commercial construction financing to window and door manufacturers, concrete providers, heating repair and installation, electricians, and others by factoring their receivables.

Because of mechanic's lien laws, suppliers have certain rights. Commercial factoring of construction receivables requires additional work on your part and your customers' part. If you need construction project Financing for a potential construction deal, please do the following:

Do not call J&D Financial about construction factoring. Instead, first print out the Construction Verification Form (click here) for your construction project financing . This is an Adobe Acrobat PDF file. If you don't have Adobe, click here for the download.

If you are a subcontractor, show it to your General Contractor (GC) and see if the GC will sign when J&D Financial (we do not sign now) sends it to them.

The person who must sign this construction factoring verification form cannot be the project manager but a person in authority who can order payment of your invoices or sign the checks.

Usually this person is the Controller, Chief Financial Officer, or President of the General Contracting firm. This form says that the GC will pay J&D Financial in full per terms without any disputes or deductions regardless of your state-specific mechanic's lien laws, your contract with the GC, or having money owed to any suppliers.

Suppliers have certain rights under construction lein laws. Factoring construction receivables requires more due diligence.

If the GC does not sign this form, we cannot factor your receivables. If the GC signs this form, we will consider factoring your receivables.

Suppliers have certain rights under construction lien laws. Factoring construction receivables requires more due diligence.

Once you get approval from the GC, then please review our construction factoring guidelines (click here).

If you feel you can do these additional steps, then please present us with the necessary documents listed in the Factoring Application Page (click here) along with a non-refundable $500 application fee.

J&D Financial funds construction receivables only in the United States.