Are you Eligible for Factoring?

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Complete Document Listing

  1. Comprehensive Factoring Application
  2. Corporate or personal tax returns
  3. Corporate or personal Financial statements
  4. Articles of incorporation, (if corporation)
  5. Partnership agreement, (if partnership)
  6. Current aging of accounts receivables
  7. Current aging of accounts payable
  8. Copies of any UCC filings if you presently have assigned your accounts receivable to another secured party.
  9. Please enclose a check in the amount of $500 payable to J&D Financial Corporation. The $500 is due after we have reviewed all the listed documents, have given you a quote for our services and you have accepted the quote. We will need the $500 to do UCC searches and filings at the local and state levels. In addition, we will conduct credit checks. We will factor your receivables once we complete the above searches and credit checks.

In some situations we may require an additional due diligence fee. If this is needed, it will be discussed prior to document signing.