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Factoring Services: J&D Financial will factor those High Risk Deals

J&D Financial offers factoring Financial services for those high risk deals that most lenders will not consider. We offer account receivables factoring services for perishable products, consignment sales or single buyer concentration. When there is no one else or your present lender can not help you, call J&D Financial for these specialized factoring Financial services.

Are you Eligible for Factoring?

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  1. Purchase Order Financing
    J&D Financial offers purchase order Financing factoring services to qualified applicants. Please review our purchase order Financing page. Few factoring companies will do purchase order Financing and factoring

  2. Construction Factoring
    J&D Financial offers construction factoring Financial services to qualified clients. Read through our construction factoring services page. Very few factoring companies nationwide offer this service.

  3. Perishable Goods
    J&D Financial offers factoring Financial services for perishable goods. We are familiar with PACA laws specific to the fresh fruit and vegetable industry. Very few factoring companies offer factoring services for these types of receivables.

  4. Customer Buyer Concentration
    J&D Financial offers invoice factoring services to our clients with single or multiple buyer concentrations. The buyer must be credit worthy. Unlike other factoring companies, J&D Financial is not limited to certain bank lending restrictions since we use our own capital in these situations. In some situations we may want to purchase credit insurance on specific buyers

  5. Personal Credit
    While we look at your personal credit history to see if you have been involved in any bankruptcies, it is not a major factor when we consider funding your company. Our focus will be on your buyers and whether or not they can pay their bills.

  6. Consignment Sales
    J&D Financial will consider factoring invoices when they are of a consignment nature. You will have to have a track record of sales with your present buyer. Advance rates for consignment sales are usually 50%.

  7. Start Ups and Small Yearly Volume
    J&D Financial offers factoring services for start ups or companies with sales volumes of $100,000 yearly or higher. Factoring fees are usually higher in these situations. As your volume increases we can consider lowering your factoring fees.