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International Trade Financing

International Trade Financing funds international business transactions involving either foreign buyers (international factoring) or foreign suppliers (purchase order financing).

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With foreign buyers involved, J&D Financial will usually factor the receivable. We will want the foreign company to be covered by an export credit insurance policy either through a commercial insurance carrier or Ex-Im Bank. J&D Financial has insurance policies overseas through various institutions.

Dealing in international trade can be a tricky business, as the time it takes for goods to travel from supplier to distributor or seller to buyer can be quite lengthy. While waiting for the arrival of goods or payment, a business can find itself having some trouble with its operations due to a lack of funding. This is where our services for International Trade Finance come into play.

The global trade financing we provide here at J&D Financial allows businesses to continue to move forward without delay by providing them with an option to factor their receivables from foreign buyers or leverage purchase order financing.

International Trade Financing through factoring is the option to consider if your business produces and supplies goods to a client in another country. Much like other forms of factoring, J&D Financial provides funds by purchasing invoices from your business. We can provide funding once the product has been shipped to the buyer to help your business stay liquid until a full payment has been made.

On the other hand, if your business deals with distributing goods from a manufacturer, we can provide purchase order financing to provide your business with the funds it needs. This kind of financing is available to qualified clients dealing with both finished goods and unfinished goods. Because the goods don't go directly from one business to another, the process of acquiring purchase order financing is very different from our other factoring services.

Overseas suppliers usually want to be paid through letters of credit. J&D is well-versed in international transactions.

While other factoring companies may not have the know-how or the tools to handle International Trade Financing, we at J&D Financial provide your business with our expertise in the field. Often, foreign suppliers will usually require payment through a wire transfer or a letter of credit. Terms will vary from deal to deal. No matter what the situation, J&D Financial can help as we are well-versed in international financial transactions.

Overseas suppliers usually want to be paid by letters of credit. J&D is well versed in international transactions.

We can also provide help for businesses based in other countries. To learn more about how we can finance international trade for a company based outside of the US, feel free to read our article about it here.

To get a better understanding of International Trade Finance for global business transactions, look at our information on international factoring and purchase order financing.

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