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Invoice Factoring

Invoice factoring, also referred to as cash flow factoring or accounts receivable financing, is a form of invoice financing that provides businesses with immediate cash through the sale of their invoices. By factoring their invoices, businesses big or small can address short-term and seasonal cash flow issues, get immediate working capital, as well as avoid exposure to credit risk.

Are you Eligible for Factoring?

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Accounts receivable factoring can be a viable option for you if you need a quick infusion of cash for your business. Unlike traditional sources of financing such as banks and small business lenders, invoice factoring services will not focus on your financing history, but rather on the creditworthiness of your buyers, asking "Will this buyer of your goods have the financial ability to pay in a timely manner?" This is especially helpful for startups that may not be able to meet certain guidelines for working capital loans at a bank and other similar institutions.

Factoring your invoices or accounts receivables is also a great option if you want to adopt smarter cash management practices for your business. Specifically, if your company has irregular business cycles, factoring your invoices can help cover possible future financing needs as you attend to the present needs of your company.

Ultimately, invoice factoring is a more affordable form of equity financing. Compared with bringing in a partner to finance your business, you won't have to worry about additional payroll, healthcare benefits, and other expenses with accounts receivable financing, as well as the profit-sharing that normally comes with a partnership. All you have to pay for is the fee required by the factor to process your transactions, advance your cash, and collect on your accounts receivables.

Working with an invoice factoring company offers other benefits as well, including:

  • Increased sales volume with increased production
  • Increased profit through increased sales and lower overhead
  • Ability to grant credit terms to increase order volume and size
  • Access to immediate funding for unusual and large orders
  • Enhanced credit
  • Reduction in payroll costs related to credit, collection, and administration of accounts receivables
  • Access to more resources with which to aggressively seek new credit-worthy businesses
  • Fewer bad debts

Why Choose J&D Financial?

J&D Financial offers a full range of benefits that not all invoice factoring companies provide. Our services include:


Each buyer of your goods or services is given its own established line of credit.

A credit report is given summarizing the credit status of each buyer.


Clients are given an aging of receivables daily.

A report listing which receivables have been paid is given each day.

Reports are accessible online at any time.


We will advance 70–80% of the invoices we purchase from you.

Your receivables are purchased on a recourse and non-recourse basis.

You will receive a weekly equity payment based on collections made during the previous week.


We have a fully trained collection staff.

Our collection staff is always available to accommodate all your concerns.

J&D has an in-house legal department to take care of collection problems.

Our collection staff speaks English and Spanish.

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J&D Financial provides invoice factoring services for any kind of business, whether it's service, manufacturing, or distribution. If you want us to evaluate your company for accounts receivable financing, please complete our quick application form or send us a complete document listing. For any inquiries, feel free to contact us.